Our Vision

‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where roots grow and seeds flourish.’ Luke 8: 4-15.

At Lanchester Endowed Parochial (Controlled) Primary School, we have a positive, caring and nurturing ethos founded on Christian beliefs, where all children are valued, respected and encouraged to maximise their potential. Every child matters and every success is celebrated. As a Church of England school, we aim to build a community clearly based on our core Christian values of love, compassion, trust, hope and justice and the unique value of each individual. These Christian values are embedded in all areas of school life. We have excellent partnerships between home, school and the church which help us develop the whole child and prepare them for life.

 We believe that, following St Luke’s Parable of the Sower, we are the rich soil that enables our children to develop their own roots and flourish. Our aim is to ensure that all our children enjoy their childhood, grow to fulfil their own potential and we celebrate their individuality.

Lanchester E.P. School provides an environment rooted in Christian values where laughter, friendship, mutual respect and learning are central to everything we do. We encourage all children to be happy, active learners and to develop ideas, independence and a vision of what they want to achieve. As a result, our children thrive and have the confidence to achieve both their personal and academic best because they feel safe, secure and able to take risks.

 We aim to do this through:

  • Creating a caring, loving and supportive school family, living by Christian values.
  • Celebrating everyone’s strengths and efforts, no matter how small.
  • Offering a wide range of quality experiences that really stimulate children’s minds.
  • Encouraging respect for others, positive behaviour and good manners.
  • Building very strong links between school, home and church.
  • Preparing children for future challenges in an ever-changing world.
  • Valuing the opportunities we have to contribute to our community and the wider world.

We want our children to leave us as good citizens, feeling fulfilled, challenged and inspired, with a solid Christian foundation. We hope every child takes with them very happy and memorable memories of their time at Lanchester E.P. School.

We really are ‘A Caring Community Where All Can Flourish’.