In EYFS we use Development Matters and Birth To 5 Matters to work towards the Early Learning Goals. We base our activities around seasonal themes and our reading curriculum. There are a mixture of child-initiated and adult-led activities.  These are all focused around the seven areas of learning.  The children have their own input into themes and Early Years staff plan to build upon the children’s interests.  We ensure our teaching is of high quality and meets the needs of all children in Early Years.  Our teaching nurtures, engages and motivates children, includes a broad range of educational activities and is based on accurate assessments of children’s learning and development, so that activities and experiences meet their needs.

The 3 prime areas of learning are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and language

Physical Development


The 4 specific areas of learning are:


Mathematical Development

Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


For each area, the practice guidance sets out the Early Learning Goals. These goals state what it is expected, what children will know and what they will be able to do by the end of the Reception year of their education. We recognise that every child is an individual. We will support them to make the best possible progress at their own pace and ensure that they are confident, resilient learners who are ready for the next stage in their education.

Characteristics of Effective Learning

The Characteristics of Effective Learning describe behaviours children use in order to learn. To learn well, children must approach opportunities with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm. Effective learning must be meaningful to a child, so that they are able to use what they have learned and apply it in new situations. These abilities and attitudes of strong learners will support them to learn well and make good progress in all the Areas of Learning and Development.

Playing & Exploring

  • Children are encouraged to play with what they know and to develop the confidence to “have a go.”
  • We are committed to offering children an experience that will foster a love of learning within a safe and stimulating environment.
  • We build secure and trusting relationships which allow our children to flourish.

Active Learning

  • The indoor and outdoor environment is carefully resourced so that children become motivated to be independent learners. 
  • Children are supported to become more resilient: to keep on trying and achieve what they set out to do.
  • Children become more engaged; showing high levels of energy and fascination.

Creating & Thinking Critically

  • As children engage in a broad range of activities in Early Years, they begin to actively think about the meaning of what they are doing. 
  • Children will begin to generate new ideas, make links between experiences and learning and become problem solvers.