Our Christian Ethos

Our Christian ethos is based upon the five school values that underpin everything at Lanchester EP Primary School:
  • Love
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Justice
  • Compassion

Lanchester E.P. School’s Christian ethos permeates life in our school. Love, Hope, Trust, Justice and Compassion are at the core of our life together in school. We are an inclusive school where we recognise our children as unique individuals with their own unique skills, characteristics and needs who need nurturing to reach their full potential and flourish.

‘Through God’s love, we are the rich soil where roots grow and seeds flourish.

Luke 8:4-15

We believe that our school is the rich soil in which strong roots are formed so that all our children can flourish. Our curriculum is part of the rich soil - it is creative, rich and demanding. It develops the core skills of Maths and English and is enriched by many visits out of school, a wide range of visitors into school, an excellent range of extra-curricular activities and an outstanding range of both national and international residentials. Through excellent teaching and our Christian Values of Love, Hope, Trust, Justice and Compassion, we will provide children with the strong foundation to enable them to flourish and be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

We have strong links with all churches in Lanchester. Revd. Lesley Sutherland and Revd Stephen Martin from All Saints’ Church hold weekly Worship in our school. They have also held Baptism and Confirmation Classes with a number of our children being both baptised and confirmed in a very special service in St Ives Church in November 2022. Termly Eucharist Services will be re-starting again in 2023.

We also welcome the Methodist Minister and his wife into school on a regular basis too. Revd Stuart Earl and his wife Claire visit every term to lead Worship.

Open the Book also lead Worship once a week and we are very grateful for their commitment to our school.

We have a very strong singing tradition in our school and the children sing with passion and enthusiasm in Worship. We were fortunate to have our School Prayer set to music by a friend and local musician, John Worth aka John Worsley. The words are below and these epitomise perfectly life in our school:

This is our school, Let Peace dwell here,

Let the rooms be full of contentment,

Let love abide here.

Love of one another, Love of mankind.

Life itself and true love of our God,

Let us remember,

That as many hands build a house,

So many hearts make a school.


This is our school, Where our minds may grow.

Ev’ry child as one special person,

Builds each tomorrow.

Helping one another, Through each bright new day.

We are young and we are life’s future.

Let us remember,

That as many hands build a house,

So many hearts make a school.


Every classroom has a Reflection Area where children are able to spend some time quietly thinking, praying and reflecting.   

We had a special stained glass window designed by the children and made by Marilyn O’Keefe from Consett Glass Gallery.

We recently had a Tryptych designed and made for us by a local carpenter. This is very new, just being delivered in time for Christmas 2022 and we hope the Bishop will be able to visit to bless it in the near future.

Our strong Christian ethos is evident in the life of the school and relationships but also in displays across school too.