Our Buddies

Our Y5 children take on the role of playground buddies. We are very fortunate to have so many of them willing to volunteer their time! They undergo several weeks of training before becoming fully fledged buddies. Their training involves sessions that aim to develop the core social and emotional skills and also abilities that the children will need to be effective playground buddies.

The sessions help prepare the children on how to deal with a range of situations they may encounter and also how to engage and initiate play with other children. Buddies are friendly, calm and willing to listen to others. 

Our buddies know they are not there to replace the adults but there to support  other children on the yard should they be required. 

It is easy to spot the buddies as the buddies on duty wear a yellow tabard and a baseball cap. The duty rota sees 5 or 6 buddies on duty one day each week.