Using eSchools

Please watch this short video about how to make the most of our eSchools platform:

For parents and carers, we hope the eSchools platform will provide a valuable resource for accessing attendance data, calendars, letters that have been sent home and as a way of communicating with the school. 

 eSchools will now replace our previous text messaging service, so please note that text messages from ‘eSchools’ will be messages that have been sent by the school.

 The easiest way for parents/carers to access the eSchools platform is via the ‘Login’ button at the bottom of our school website. 

 Upon entering the eSchools platform you will be presented with a dashboard where you can view latest calendar dates, live attendance data for your child/ren and a list of any recent messages that have been sent to you by the school. There are also links allowing you to download the eSchools app to your smartphone (Apple or Android). 

 On the bar at the top of your dashboard you will be presented with 5 options:

  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Letters Home
  • Classes
  • Parents Evening


When clicking on the ‘Messages’ tab you will be presented with a window very much like an email screen. From here you can send messages to teaching staff within the school. Please note that all messages on this system are recorded and that staff will not immediately pick up your message. Staff will not respond to your messages outside of school hours. 


Upon clicking on the ‘Calendar’ tab at the top of the screen you will see a live school calendar for the current month. You can scroll through month by month and see the different events that we have planned throughout the year. We will endeavour to keep this feature of the platform as up-to-date as possible. 

 Letters Home

From Monday 31st October 2017 onwards, any letters that have been sent home will also be available for you to view via the eSchools platform. 

 Class Pages

When clicking on the ‘Class Pages’ tab you will be presented with the class pages for any classes in which you have children. Simply click on the class name in the top-left corner of the appropriate coloured box, in order to access the class page. The class pages will act as a ‘blog’ for each class and on here you will find information about topics covered in class, links to useful resources and websites and photos and videos of pupils’ work and of trips and visitors. Hopefully you and your child will find this a particularly useful part of the platform. 

 Parents Evening

From Spring 2017 onwards you will be able to book your Parents Evening appointments online via the eSchools platform. Again this is hopefully a feature that you will find both useful and time saving. 

 eSchools App

For those of you with smartphones we also recommend that you download the FREE eschools app. Simply search ‘eSchools’ in the app store for either Apple or Android devices. Simply enter ‘lanchester’ when the app asks for the school name and then enter your username and password. The app allows you to view any text notifications that have been sent out, any letters that have been sent home, messages between yourself and the school, along with live attendance data for any children that you have within the school. 

 Homework and ePay Service

At present we are not setting homework for children via the eSchools platform. They will have access to websites and resources via the ‘Class Pages’, but no homework tasks will be set that require the necessity for a digital device. In the future we may look at the eSchools platform as being an alternative way for completing and submitting homework. The ePay option on our eSchools platform is not currently active. This is something that we are currently looking into, as we know many parents have expressed that they would like this option for paying for school trips, activities etc.

 We hope that you find our eSchools platform a useful new resource for further improving home school communication and for improving the digital excellence that we promote at Lanchster EP. Like all new systems there will of course be glitches and we welcome your feedback as to how this service can be further improved.