Parents requesting entry to Lanchester EP Primary School for their child may do so by contacting the Local Authority on 03000265905 or emailing:  Appropriate entry forms in accordance with the admission policy of the LA will then be completed by the parent and returned to Primary School Admissions Section, County Hall, Durham, DH1 5UJ.
Visits are always arranged for those children about to start school, at whatever age, in order that there is as little anxiety as possible prior to the first day at school. Children transferring to comprehensive education at the age of 11 are also given opportunities to visit their new new school.
It is important that an application for your child to join our school, is made no later than the middle of January of the school year in which your child is to start school i.e. children who are to begin school in September 2018 should be registered by 15th January 2018. Parents will be informed on 16th April of the Authority’s offer of a school place and this must be accepted by parents no later than two weeks later.

Our admission limit has increased for September 2018 to 52 children for Reception. Following LA policy, we operate a single entry into our school each September. Children are eligible to be admitted into Reception provided they are 4 years old on or before September 1st.

Oversubscription criteria are set by the Local Authority should the number of applications received, exceed the number of places available in the school. These include:

  1. Children in Public Care
  2. Medical Reasons – Pupils with very exceptional medical needs directly related to school placement
  3. Sibling Links – Pupils who have a brother or sister already attending the preferred school and who is expected to be on the roll at that school at the time of admission
  4. Distance – Pupils who live nearest the preferred school, measured by the shortest walking route based on the parents address. Where the last place to be allocated would mean that a birth sibling group i.e. twins, triplets or other multiple birth sibling groups, would be split, the sibling group will be given priority over other children.
The Authority use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to measure the shortest walking route. The shortest walking routes are measure from the nearest entrance to a house (e.g. front gate) or flats (e.g. front door of the main building) to the nearest school entrance.
Visit the Durham County Council website for information regarding the school admission process and primary school admissions.

To appeal against an admission decision visit: School admissions-appeals